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There is an old phrase about technology that goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. That principle may be true of one of the many great features of the Clickbank marketplace and how they set you up to put products into their markets. When you want to sell in Clickbank, the process is pretty simple. You create an account as you do on any other website. And there is a $50 fee to become a valid vendor to sell products through the Clickbank affiliate membership. But when you consider that Clickbank has over 150,000 affiliates ready to pick up your digital product and sell it and that many of these affiliates are some of the most accomplished internet marketers in cyberspace, you are probably going to make that $50 back on your first product into the system.

A mistake some new merchants make is to see a Clickbank account as a single product account. So if you want to put several products out into the system, the assumption is you need several dozen accounts. This simply is not Clickbank operating philosophy. They want you to put as much product as is reasonable into the system so everybody makes plenty of money. After all, not only do the affiliates make money on each sale, you prosper and Clickbank takes a little commission as well. That those little commissions add up to big bucks for the people who run this very large marketplace. They know they are not going to get rich on those $50 start-up fees.

The fact that Clickbank by policy encourages you to offer many products with only one account set up is reflected in the way your account is structured. You can sell up to fifty digital products on Clickbank and do it all under a single account. This gives you the chance to take full advantage of your $50 application fee (which represents $1 per product being sold if you take full advantage of Clickbank). But it is also much easier to manage and the more products you sell under one umbrella, the better your ranking in the Clickbank marketplace will be. These are pretty compelling motivations to use one account to handle all of your product offerings.

To fully take advantage of Clickbank’s resources to sell a lot of products under one account, you should plan to organize the products to step around the Clickbank landing page facility. The landing page is your home base for your product which the affiliates who grab your products and sell them across the internet must have to link their customers to your product.

Now in the past even though Clickbank encourages you to sell many products under one account, they only supported one landing page per account. This problem is being worked out within Clickbank but it has been a weakness of the Clickbank infrastructure worth avoiding. So to step around using Clickbank’s landing page entirely, simply set up a landing page for each product outside of Clickbank. This way you also have all the flexibility in the world to make that small website as elaborate as you want to and to expand and modify it because you are doing so outside of the Clickbank system. Your sales page is independent of the system so you can make it part of your overall Internet marketing program which may include other approaches to the Internet market such as MySpace and YouTube.

There are resources both sold commercially and within Clickbank to intercept incoming traffic for a product and send it to the landing page you have set up externally to sell the product. But work with the system so your affiliates get the sale and are energized to create more sales so they make you successful. They are a group well worth taking care of.



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