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The problem that comes up sometimes when creating an online business using the Clickbank marketplace is that Clickbank almost is drowning in its own success. For many people, sorting through his vast marketplace to figure out what product to promote can be a nightmare. Because Clickbank is the virtual marketplace of choice for any digital product that can be bought and delivered exclusively through the internet, at any given time there may be over ten thousand products you can pick from to promote in the huge Clickbank products catalog.

Just going through that vast catalog can become your second life all by itself. And if you did try to sort, catalog, and understand every product, your brain would be so muddled it would not be able to figure out which products are the winners for you to promote and get big money from. But at the same time, anyone who has been successful with the Clickbank system has done it by being a smart marketer and learning first how to pick the product that is a choice for the market right now and then how to promote it to land big sales from the system.

The first order of business is to set yourself up as an affiliate on the Clickbank website. This is just getting your foot in the door but it’s an essential step. It’s easy to do and free at the Clickbank website so take the few minutes you need to get yourself set up in the system and step through the easy signup form and become an affiliate citizen of Clickbank.

The first thing that will jump out at you when you start looking for a product to promote is that there is a small elite group of products that are clearly the most popular sellers in the catalog. You might be drawn to those on the idea that if they are popular now, why not cash in on the wave and get some of the revenue from all those sales? But keep in mind that a popular product also is one that is probably being merchandised by hundreds or thousands of other Clickbank affiliates. So the internet customer base is being bombarded with sales pitches for that product. Why join the flood when it may be already dwindling down to a trickle?

This doesn’t mean you pick a product that is not selling well just because it isn’t on a lot of other affiliate websites. The skill is to pick a product that there is a good market out there in cyberspace for that product but it is a market that has not been heavily “tapped” yet. It’s tricky business and give yourself permission to experiment. You may not hit pay dirt with the first product you select. But you will make some money and you can experiment and learn how to select the right product over time. There is an “intuition” to any kind of market and getting a gut feel for what the internet market is going to want can happen but it’s a gut feeling that is developed, it doesn’t just come naturally to you.

There are some other factors of how a product is positioned and how it is already performing that can help with your decision. Look at the sales copy for the product to see if it is the kind of marketing tool that is likely to work. Read through it and see if it creates a desire in your to buy the product. If they can’t convince you, it’s probably a poorly crafted sales page and you would be wise to steer clear of the product.

But another variable about the products you pick other than popularity or movement numbers is far more important to your profitability. You should pick products that pay outstanding commissions. A commission on the sale of a product on Clickbank can run from 1% to 75%. That’s a pretty huge variation in profitability. A good guideline is never to promote a product that pays less than 50% commission. That way even if your sales are not through the roof, you still make a decent return on your investment for promoting the product, and the product owner makes money too. That’s what this partnership is all about.



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