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The Data Entry Clickbank Product Category

When you get started on Clickbank, any guide to success in this marketplace will tell you to quickly get your product out there. The good thing about the process of introducing products to Clickbank is that they make it easy. There are tens of thousands of digital products on Clickbank so to be able to get your product noticed, the categorization system they have in place is important and you will be glad it’s there.

Of course, you probably don’t pick a category and just like that have the product ready to put out there. Unless you are brokering other people’s products, there is a niche which is your skill and the product you will offer to the world through Clickbank. Because Clickbank deals with all forms of digital products, you would expect every legal category to be represented. But if your product falls under the umbrella of a “data entry product”, you will find no category to fit it. That is because Clickbank eliminated it which makes this the largest internet marketplace in the world, not a good place for you to market your product.

While we don’t have a publicized reason why Clickbank doesn’t support the data entry category anymore but we know that the product line historically had a very high rate of people asking for refunds. This means one of two things. Either a lot of people were putting scam products or shoddy merchandise out on the Clickbank market and it was getting returned by unhappy customers or this category was one most prone to Clickbank “shoplifting” which is easy to pull off when downloading a digital product from a service that offers an iron clan return policy as Clickbank does.

It seems that part of the problem is not so much that data entry products themselves are scams but that they offer false expectations. When a program is advertised as a way to “get rich” just by doing data entry and the software will give you the tools to do that, this can lead to an expectation by the customer that it’s just that easy. But then when the real road to prosperity is far more than just data entry but includes an ability to do affiliate-level marketing on the internet to get those riches, that is discouraging to people so they want, and get, a refund from Clickbank.

By definition, data entry is just that. It is typing known data into a form to build content. A typical data entry job offered freelance on the internet involves something like visiting 1000 websites and filling out a form about the website owners or working with an online data entry format to help the owner bulk up a database. Data entry is actually a fairly old job in the world of data processing but it is not as prevalent now that data can be captured digitally and the need for human data entry is less common.

Marketing a data entry product on Clickbank or anywhere might involve creating a product name and marketing text that gives the wrong impression. Your program might be a very good program to help the buyer get his or her feet down in the field of affiliate marketing but there will be some need to go through a learning curve and the path to revenue flow will be filled with a lot of trial and error. But this is not to say that the data entry programs you have to offer are not solid products of real value to the customer.

The fault lies with those who have gone before you on Clickbank and advertised deceptively causing such a high refund rate. Now Clickbank is “snake bit” and has closed the product category entirely. And that is a real shame.



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