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We have used some different terminology to explain the drop ship business. In the drop ship business, it is important to know who is who and what is what.

Let us start in the beginning with the wholesalers. Many wholesalers are manufacturing companies that make a product out of their factory.

They do not deal with sales or advertisement because this would indeed cause the cost of the product to be higher. The idea behind being a wholesaler is to make a good product cheap enough to reap a profit. The problem now is we have thousands of widgets but no customers.

What must the wholesaler do?

Let us introduce the wholesaler to the distributor and his importance in getting the product to market. The distributor usually contracts with the wholesaler to buy his widgets at a reasonable price but is still profitable to the wholesaler.

The distributor then proceeds to either go out and find retail outlets where he can convenience to stock the product for resale or the distributor determines that he would be best suited to running his own online business.

The distributor now becomes the retailer without physical property. The distributor must rely on the wholesaler entirely to maintain his online business.

Next, the distributor who is now the retailer must locate a reliable wholesaler to provide him with product and shipping. That is where the drop ship business has spread so widely.

The Worldwide Brands OneSource Product offers the best Wholesale and Drop-ship Directory with name brands at the absolute lowest prices. There are of course many other Directories for the wholesaler but most wholesalers find that it is best to be with a company that maintains a complete and up-to-date database.

Worldwide Brands lists genuine and brand-new products only. Other directories on the internet have offered inferior quality goods that are copies or fakes. Products like this look good and you will probably get something on the bids but the price is always better when the product is genuine Sony for instance.

There are other advantages for those of us who live in the Western world, as many of the companies listed will offer you low prices on minimal order levels.

For you the retailer this will save money, as you will not have to shell out exorbitant amounts of money to purchase initial stock. One of the great things about using a Directory from a reputable company like Worldwide Brands is that they insist that all distributors on the wholesale list offer a secure method of payment.

The new person in the drop-ship business should use this directory for safety and convenience. You can of course use your own credit card or Pay pal, which offers greater levels of security.

The company was started by people like you and me in order to help weed out the frauds and find the best products for less money helps all of us to maintain our business thus Worldwide Brands was born. Worldwide Brands is now a powerful company.



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